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Meet Our Founder,

Nick Campisano

Real Estate Developer.
Financial Technologist.
Venture Capital Investor.
About Nick

Harmonizing next-generation technology and a passion for architecture to change the trajectory of modern investing.

Founder of Campisano Capital

After 6 years in Investment Banking at Moelis & Company, Campisano developed an interest in Real Estate through working on distressed real estate buyouts that required significant construction attention.

Pairing his experience, passion for architecture, interior design, and eye for design, he founded Campisano Capital in 2016 in NYC. Campisano Capital serves as a commercial real estate development firm based out of New York City.

Combining Construction & Finance

Utilizing his skills as an entrepreneurial hotel developer, Campisano has completed several commercial real estate developments in the Louisville area while heading the Campisano Capital team. 3 years later and Campisano has developed, managed, and maintained many relationships with tenants, banks, and investors.

Founder of Zyyo

Through his experiences in traditional CRE development, he noticed the inefficiencies in finding high-quality developments and foresaw the urgency in the investment landscape to adapt to the evolving world.


In 2019, Campisano shifted his focus to effectively utilizing technology, and founded Zyyo, a fin-tech platform that aims to resolve these issues derived from outdated processes. Since, Campisano has paid close attention to the ever-changing tech landscape and is incorporating next-generation technology, cryptocurrency, and blockchain, into the Zyyo platform.

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Zyyo is a tech-enabled digital and physical asset investment platform. Our membership allows investors to trade large OTC positions in cryptocurrencies and tokenized real estate, leverage our automated digital trading strategies and infrastructure, and collateralize their assets.

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Campisano Capital is a private investment firm focused on Real Estate and Venture Capital transactions. The real estate division primarily develops hotels and mixed-use buildings, while the venture capital business focuses on new technologies that transform and improve our daily lives.

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